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Many home owners are considering battery storage to reduce their power bills and ensure reliable energy supply. As Summer approaches and the possibility of power blackouts once again becomes a reality. The question of how to ensure the delivery of reliable energy to your home or business is a priority for many people. Home owners with larger homes and higher energy needs are opting to install two Tesla Powerwall battery storage units to ensure their energy storage capability meets the energy usage needs. During Summer blackouts the Tesla Powerwall provides a seamless power transition to ensure your home energy supply with a smart phone app making monitoring your energy usage and storage at any time of the day or night.

Talk to the team at Simmark about designing an energy solution to meet your power needs, our highly trained Tesla Powerwall and  Sonnen certified installers, working across the Southern Highlands, Shoalhaven, Illawarrra and South Coast.

Power Your Life with Simmark your local Solar, Battery and Air Conditioning specialists.


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