Air Conditioning

Ducted, split and multi-head systems

Southern Highlands, Shoalhaven, Illawarra & Goulburn Air Conditioning

  • Daikin Authorised Dealers and Warranty Agents
  • Repairs and Maintenance on all brands and systems
  • Local experienced tradesmen, employed by Simmark.

For efficient management of the temperature within your home or business, air conditioning is an unrivalled choice. With over 23 years of experience in air conditioning, Simmark has the best team of air conditioning technicians in the Illawarra, Southern Highlands, Goulburn & the Shoalhaven. We offer residential & commercial air conditioning, split system air conditioning systems and ducted air conditioning. Simmark want you to get the most out of your air conditioner so we also offer maintenance and repairs. During a service we ensure the system is fully operational by checking refrigerant levels, electrical connections, filters and drains. 

Split System Air Conditioning

Heat or cool a single room or space

Multi Split Air Conditioning

Heat or cool multiple rooms with one outdoor unit

Ducted System Air Conditioning

Heat or cool your entire home

Daikin Air Conditioning Specialist

While Simmark services all air conditioning systems, and has access to a variety of branded systems and parts, we are primarily a Daikin dealer. Daikin is well-known for their commitment to quality, innovation and service.

The purchase of a Daikin air conditioning system is an investment. To maximise efficiency, all of Daikin’s air conditioners utilise advanced inverter technology and feature a five year parts and labour warranty.

Simmark has three convenient locations in Nowra, Bowral and Goulburn. We install Daikin air conditioning all over the Illawarra, Shoalhaven, Goulburn and Southern Highlands and also offer servicing and repairs. Contact Us to find out more, or to book one of air conditioning technicians.

Club Daikin Status

Simmark is proud to be a member of the exclusive Club Daikin. Only authorised Daikin dealers who display an in-depth knowledge of Daikin products and have hit specific sales targets in Australia are eligible to be members.

Simmark always recommends Daikin Air Conditioning as we are confident it is the best choice for our customers. Browse the product catalogue or contact us for any Daikin Air Conditioning enquiries.

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How to Clean Your Air Conditioner

How to Clean Your Air Conditioner

Air conditioners tend to stay out of sight, out of mind, as long as they work when you need them to. However, this approach can be a costly one, and many breakdowns are preventable with regular maintenance. Now is a great time to ensure your home or business’s air...

Air Conditioning Batemans Bay – What’s New

Air Conditioning Batemans Bay – What’s New

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Simmark Achieves CLUB DAIKIN Status

Simmark Achieves CLUB DAIKIN Status

Earlier this year, Simmark passed the threshold necessary to achieve CLUB DAIKIN status. This signifies Simmark's inclusion in a small group of Daikin Authorised Dealers with the highest volume of sales in Australia. We are very proud of our...