Solar panels and solar batteries are popular in the Illawarra area. Our customers are either starting their journey towards batteries, have solar and are ready for batteries or decide to do the whole system at once. This week’s case study is from a local in Shellharbour who decided to do both batteries and solar all at once! Let’s dive in.

System Details

Solar Panels: 16 x WInaico WST 410 Watt Solar Panels

Inverter: 16 x Enphase IQ7A Micro Inverters

Battery: Tesla Powerwall 13.5 kWh with Back Up Functionality

Tesla Powerwall
Tesla Powerwall installation.

The Situation – Shaded Solar Array

Overhead photo of solar panels on multiple roof spaces and shading.
Solar Array on multiple directions with partial shading

This installation was in the suburbs of Shellharbour. The home had multiple orientations with shading problems. Microinverters were used to minimise the impact of shade. Microinverters also allowed for flexibility in their position. The property is a duplex which meant we needed to keep within the boundaries of the customer’s roof.

The Motive

The customer wanted to:

  1. Decrease their energy usage
  2. Decrease reliability on the grid
  3. Have blackout protection if the power was to go out.
Main switchboard, micro inverter switchboard and Tesla switchboard
Main Switchboard in the centre, Enphase Microinverter switchboard and Tesla switchboard on either side.

The Final Result

The installation was a success! The client is now enjoying free power from the solar panels and batteries (or sometimes both at the same time). Contact us today to organise a free site inspection and proposal to install your solar array and batteries!

Drone photo of solar panels
Enphase Microinverters allow for flexible installations of Solar Panels
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