Solar panels; service and installation is our second biggest business. But, by and large it is by far where we get our most enquiry. Simmark has been installing solar panels since 2009 and while people have improved their understanding of how they work, we still get so many common questions. Hopefully this blog post will make it easier for you to make a decision for your next solar project.

Solar Panels 101

Solar is all about self sustainability. By installing solar panels in the first place, you are taking the first step in lowering your need to use power from the electricity retailers. Now, we are not saying it is the right decision to disconnect from the grid. This would require a considerable investment. What we are saying is to invest what you can afford into solar panels which will offset your daily electricity usage. The more you invest (to a point) the more potential you have to lower your usage from the grid.

The trick is to use the power from your solar panels during the day. Our clients generally understand to use the washing machine and drier during the day but you must be creative to achieve the maximum from your solar panels. Here are two examples:

  1. Cook during the day! Invest in a low cost slow cooker from Kmart. Head over to your local butcher and ask for a cheap cut of meat like Chuck or Brisket and leave cooking on low all day long. You will benefit from not only the cheaper meat but also your solar panels will help power your cooker!
  2. Turn your AC on before you need it during winter! Switch it on during the warmest parts of the day. That way, it works less to heat the space and the solar is working at its best!

Rebates and Feed In Tariffs

Rebates are still available for solar installations in the Goulburn area. These are called Small-Scale (Renewable) Technology Certificates (STCs for short). STCs are offered as an upfront discount on the system and the price offered will vary from installer to installer. These rebates make solar still very much affordable but keep in mind that every calendar year they will decrease in value.

Feed in Tariff (FIT) is the credit you receive on your electricity bill. When you are not home to use the power from your solar panels, it will flow to the grid. Feed in Tariffs are only very small and we try to minimise these whenever we can.

Types of Solar Panel Systems

There are two main solar panel systems which we install for our clients in Goulburn. These are:

  1. String Inverter System: A string inverter system has one inverter connected to multiple solar panels. The solar panels are connected in groups which are called strings. It is the most cost effective solar panel solution. For this, we use Winaico Solar Panels and a Fronius String Inverter.
  2. Micro Inverter System: A micro inverter system has multiple inverters installed underneath each panel. A micro inverter system allows for flexibility, safety and performance but at a higher cost. We use Winaco Solar Panels and Enphase Micro Inverters.

Want to find out More?

Simmark has recently opened in the Goulburn area and is offering our services in Solar Panel installations. To organise a site inspection submit an enquiry on our webpage or call our office on 4816 1392. Our office is located at 29 Sydney Rd, Goulburn NSW 2580.

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