Air conditioning service and installation is our largest business. Simmark has been installing split and ducted air conditioning systems for over 25 years. We primarily use Daikin for both residential and commercial installations. However, we service most other brands. This short post is going to outline how Simmark can help with your air conditioning needs!

Air Conditioning Installation

We have plenty of experience when it comes to installing air conditioning systems in the Batemans Bay area. There are two main types of installations; split and ducted systems. Each of these have some common installation scenarios which I will explain now:

Split Air Conditioning Systems

A split air conditioning system is one where there is an indoor unit inside the room you expect to heat or cool. The outdoor unit is installed somewhere on the outside of the building. Piping and cabling connect the indoor and outdoor unit together. There are different type of indoor units depending on your situation. The below figure shows these types of indoor units.

Daikin brochure with indoor unit types
Daikin Split Indoor Units

Typical installation scenarios are:

  1. Back to Back: The indoor unit is positioned on a perimeter wall and the outdoor unit is directly behind.
  2. Up and Over: The indoor unit is positioned on either a perimeter or exterior wall and the piping must be taken ‘up and over’ to the outdoor unit. The pipes and cabling are usually taken through the roof cavity.
Five air conditioning outdoor units mounted on roof of school
Air Conditioning installation with outdoor units away from the indoor units.

Pricing for a typical small installation (bedroom) is $2,000.00 – $2,500.00

Ducted Air Conditioning Systems

A ducted air conditioning system is one where one outdoor unit can service multiple areas via ductwork. The air flows into each space via diffusers or ‘grilles’. Grilles come in a number of different shapes and sizes. The outdoor unit can be placed anywhere around the home.

Rectangular wall grilles in brick wall.
Ducted air conditioning outlets or diffusers come in all shapes, colours and sizes. These are rectangle wall outlets

Typical installation scenarios are :

  1. In-ceiling Installation: The indoor unit is installed to inside the roof cavity. The grilles are mounted to the ceiling.
  2. Underfloor Installation: The indoor unit is installed to the underfloor cavity. The grilles are installed on the floor.

Pricing for a typical in-ceiling ducted installation is $10,000.00 – $12,000.00

Other Considerations

Technician working on the outdoor unit of an air conditioning unit.
Piping, cabling, drainage and house construction are important to consider when installing an air conditioning system.

There are other aspects to the installation which will need to be considered. These are:

  1. Power supply and cabling
  2. Indoor and outdoor unit drain connection
  3. Building construction

Our sales engineers will identify any concerns during a site inspection.

Air Conditioning Rebates

Air conditioning installations now also receive Energy Saving Certificates (ESCs) from the NSW government. These certificates offer up front discounts on your next air conditioning installation. Batemans Bay is considered a ‘colder’ area. This means that rebates in this area are better then other surrounding areas. More points are also awarded for replacement units.

Daikin Dealers

Daikin Specialist Dealer Logo

Daikin is our brand of choice for air conditioning installations. We have been a Daikin dealer for over 20 years reaching Club Daikin status in 2019. Daikin offer a quality product, exceptional after sale service and good warranty coverage.

Final Thoughts

Split air conditioning installation in kitchen with bright coloured appliances

With summer cooling off, now is the best time to consider installing an air conditioning unit (ducted or split) to your home or office space. Contact Simmark Batemans Bay today on 4413 1433 or via the enquiries page to organise a sit inspection.

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