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The Simmark team are often asked what the optimum time of year is for solar panel performance, a hot Summer day? Extreme heat can actually adversely affect panel performance, the best performance is often achieved on cooler days with full sun. The reason solar performance is best during Summer is that the sun is at the optimal angle in the sky for longer periods.

A solar system will produce maximum on average, year round, when mounted on a north roof face, at a tilt of 30 – 35 degrees.

Placing panels on the Eastern and Western roof face is still practical (and economical) however performances during winter suffer by about 30%. When considering solar design it’s best to opt for north first, then any other panels to the East and West.

Good design is essential for maximising your return on your solar and battery investment and Simmark conducts and on site assessment for all solar installations to understand the residential or business usage and site specific factors to ensure optimal design.

Understanding your energy usage is another important factor along with installing solar monitoring software that can give you real time data on your solar panel performance and pick up any problems, such as damage, before any major impact on your energy saving.

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