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Congratulations to our Berry Small Farm Field Days Simmark Solar Analytics monitor winner! Keith Roberts of Broughton Vale had his new solar monitor installed by Jeremy our Simmark technician this morning. We are also delighted to announce our Home and Garden Show Bowral winner is Carol Franklin, who will be installing her first solar system soon including her new monitor.

We would like to thank everyone who entered by joining our Free Energy Seminars at the Berry Small Farm Field Day and the Home and Garden Show Bowral.

With a Solar Analytics monitor, you can optimise your home energy consumption to align with your available solar. Knowing how much free energy from the sun you’re using every day translates into savings. There are many reasons why a solar system could experience problems. In the event of a problem, you can rely on Solar Analytics Monitoring to quickly and accurately detect developing faults, failures or under-performance.

Measure, analyse and diagnose your energy data to get the most from your solar investment. Solar Analytics utilises big data, smart algorithms and a commitment to customer engagement to provide the most comprehensive and user friendly solar monitoring service available.

Call the team at Simmark to discuss how a solar monitor could help you solar performance. Contact us 

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