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Over voltage affecting solar performance?


Have you ever noticed with your solar inverter, that despite there being plenty of sun, it may not be producing? It may be an over voltage problem which could be as a result of either one of the following things:

1. Voltage available from the grid is too high
2. The cable size from the inverter to the main switchboard is either too long or two small for the inverter capacity leading to what is called VOLTAGE RISE
It is very important that both of these items are taken into account during the design and installation phase of your solar, because it may mean limited performance for the lifetime of the system! An expensive mistake.
By using Simmark to design your system, you can be sure that a thorough analysis of these technical issues is performed before installation proceeds.  Call your local Simmark team today for a free quote.  www.simmark.com.au/contact/
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