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Why Off-Grid is becoming popular


1. Rising electricity prices.

2. Connection charges.

3. Power grid reliability.

4. Time of use metering.

5. Confusing bills.

The list of reasons for considering an off-grid power system just keeps growing. We are noticing more and more Simmark customers wanting a simpler, lower cost and more independent lifestyle. They also want to have a smaller environmental footprint. It’s leading people to choose smaller, more energy efficient homes, particularly for recreation properties, granny flats and holiday rental. Increasingly, we are installing off-grid power systems in these situations. The cost and reliability of these systems are coming down all the time and product choices just keep expanding. If you are considering this option, be sure to talk to a Clean Energy Council accredited Off-Grid Designer/Installer like Simmark. With good planning and a quality installation, an off-grid system can support the lifestyle you want in your new project.

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