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The NSW Government has just announced a range of generous discounts for home owners and small business who install approved energy efficient air conditioners.  Approved installers such as Simmark will be able to work with homeowners and small businesses take advantage of a range of savings, the discount will depend on the size of your air conditioner.

For example a Daikin Split System – Cora 5kW will attract a saving of $500

Simmark General Manager Matt Simms says “Heating and cooling in our opinion is one of the largest energy costs for any business for any home owner and it’s really good to see that they are offering a rebate for efficient air conditioning systems.”

To access the offer you’ll need to:

  • be a NSW resident
  • buy an eligible air conditioner
  • use an approved installer
  • own your home or have approval from your landlord to install the air conditioner
  • consent to your data being collected

Talk to the team at Simmark today to discuss how you can take advantage of the air conditioning discounts.

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