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Here are your top tips for ensuring your home or business stays cool and your air conditioning costs down through the Summer heatwaves.

Simmark’s TOP TIPS for Summer AC Use

  1. Turn your air conditioner on early in the day before it gets hot and before your need it, this will make it easier for your AC unit to reach and maintain temperature.
  2. Shut your windows and blinds to keep your house cooler so the AC unit doesn’t have to work so hard.
  3. Don’t leave older air conditioners on for long periods of time, newer inverter technology units can be left on for longer periods of time.
  4. Only cool the rooms you need or for ducted systems use your zone settings.
  5. Turn off AC system at night and save money while you sleep.
  6. When setting your thermostat, remember that every 1 degree colder can cost up to 10% extra in energy.
  7. Keep your AC unit clean and well maintained to reduce your AC bill. Ensuring your unit’s filter is replaced or cleaned will ensure optimum efficiency.

These simple steps will help keep you cool and save you money on your Summer air conditioning costs.

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