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Hail Resistant Solar Panels from WINAICO

Hail resistance probably isn’t the first quality you look for when searching for solar panels. Yet solar panels have a glass front, so their susceptibility to hailstones should be a consideration. Fortunately, WINAICO has designed their solar panels to be hail resistant.

WINAICO was one of the world’s first solar manufacturers to pass the hail test to IEC 6215 standards. This week they announced that their latest MX series has surpassed the IEC test handling Hail Stones with 4 Times the Kinetic Energy of the IEC Standard.

What Is The IEC 61215 Hail Test?

The IEC 61215 Standard is done by firing a 25mm ice ball (the same diameter of an Australian $1 coin) at the glass side of a solar panel to simulate the impact of a hailstone. The ice balls reach up to 83km/hr which is the average speed of a Category One Tropical Cyclone. 

WINAICO has taken the test one step further by increasing the diameter of the ice ball to 35mm and upping the speed to 100km/hr (conditions similar to a Category Two Tropical Cyclone).

This means WINAICO’s MX Series is a world leader in its capability to withstand severe hail strikes. 

More Reasons To Choose WINAICO Solar Panels

  • WINAICO solar panels carry product warranties above industry standard – a 15 year product warranty and a 25 year performance warranty.
  • Reliability – WINAICO solar panels are the only panels in Australia that comes with a 2 year-insurance policy against all risks.
  • More Power – WINAICO solar panels are both powerful and efficient
  • Resistant to Corrosion – All WINAICO solar panels have been put through rigorous corrosion testing and are IEC 61701 certified, level 6. They can be installed in coastal areas with confidence.
  • Appearance – WINAICO is committed to innovative design, so their systems look good as well as performing to a high level 
  • Easy to contact – WINAICO has an office in Sydney and an Australian phone number.


Interested in WINAICO solar panels? Get in touch with Simmark to arrange your complimentary solar consultation.

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