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The NSW government is offering air conditioning rebates on certain Daikin air conditioning systems under the Energy Savings Scheme (ESS) for up to $1000 on certain models. The main intention of the scheme is to incentivise people to move to energy efficient technologies and practices with one of the largest contributors being heating and cooling. The rebates are offered on both new and replacement air conditioning installations.

This is not the first time air conditioning has received rebates for installations with a similar scheme offered about two years ago. While the original scheme was short lived and difficult to claim, this scheme offers rebates on a larger range of air conditioning types including wall mount split units, ducted systems, multi head systems and VRV. 

How do you claim these air conditioning rebates? 

The rebates are claimed through organisations who are accredited certificate providers. For each installation a certain number of Energy Saving Certificates (ESCs) are generated and claimed through these providers. Simmark has been trained in all the necessary processes to deal with this organisations meaning that your involvement for you as the consumer is minimal.

There are however, a number of key points in order for your to qualify. These are:

  • Your installers must hold relevant air conditioning licences.
  • Your installers must have completed the relevant training modules with the chosen accredited certificate provider.
  • The air conditioning units installed must be air to air technology less then 65 kW (which most residential situations will be).
  • Your electrical energy consumption must be less then 100MWh per year.

You will also be required to sign off on some forms before and after the installation takes place. Our administration teams can guide you through this process at the time of quoting and at the end of the installation.

Air conditioning rebates can only be claimed by suitably qualified and licenced air conditioning technicians

How much do I get?

The amount of rebate you receive will depend on the following:

  • Your location – Colder areas will receive a higher rebate then Average areas. Colder areas include postcodes in Wingecarribee Shire Council, Shoalhaven Council and Eurobodalla Council. 
  • The type of system
  • The size of the system
  • If it is a replacement or new – If you are replacing a unit you will receive a higher rebate.

Here is a taste of some of the rebates you get for our most frequently sold Daikin air conditioning units for replacements in a cold and average area: 

System Model NumberAverage AreaCold Area
FTXV20WVMA$ 210$ 360
FTXV25WVMA$ 240$ 450
FTXV46WVMA$ 390$ 750
FTXV50WVMA$ 510$ 990
FTXV60WVMA$ 600$ 1,140
FTXV71WVMA$ 630$ 1,230
ESS rebates for air conditioning units when replacing with a Daikin Cora wall mount split system

System Model NumberAverage AreaCold Area
RZAS71CV1 / FDYA71AV1NA$ 1,140
RZAS85CV1 / FDYA85AV1NA$ 1,530
RZAS100CV1 / FDYA100AV1$ 990$ 1,920
RZAS140CV1 / FDYA140AV1$ 1,260$ 2,310
RZAS160CV1 / FDYA160AV1$ 1,380$ 2,550
ESS rebates for air conditioning units when replacing an existing system with a Daikin Premium Inverter Ducted

Remember, these are just the rebates for replacing an existing old air conditioning system. There are rebates for new units as well which we can provide when we attend for a site inspection.

air conditioning rebates
The Daikin Cora 2.5 kW is just one of the many units eligible for the rebate. Perfect for master bedrooms.

Closing Thoughts

This rebate could not be more timely. You may have been considering an air conditioning system but did not feel the need for it over the wet summer we have just had. Or you may have just realised your existing unit is not heating the same way it used to. Either way, talk to the air conditioning experts at your local Simmark servicing Nowra, Bowral, Batemans Bay and Wollongong about how you can receive these rebates on your next air conditioning installation.

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